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What Is an SEO and How to Become SEO Expert: An SEO expert (also known as an SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant) who specialized in optimizing websites to achieve higher

search engine rankings through SEO in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Or we can say this in another way: An SEO Expert is an individual who knows how to get more traffic from search engines and how to get the ranking on the website in search engines.

How Do You Become an SEO Expert in Bangalore or SEO Specialist?

Because the SEO field of search engine optimization is so new in this digital Marketing Expert, most people don’t learn SEO

from a traditional college program. Here are some most common ways that people become SEO


Take an SEO course (Preferred several SEO courses)

Learn SEO by optimizing their website

Work at a marketing agency as an SEO

Take on SEO clients

Get an online SEO certification or degree

Work as an “in-house” SEO professional

What Skills Should an SEO Expert Know?

There’s more to SEO than optimizing meta tags on a website, To get the many things we need as SEO persons.

The best SEO specialist one who experience in several different areas of digital marketing. This

process includes “core” SEO skills (like title tag optimization, Meta Tags, Google analytical skill, and Social Media skills). But it also

Best SEO Specialist in Bangalore

Involves other digital marketing Experience, like writing, and Web Design, Content Creation, Content marketing, 

With that, here are the Vital Skills that an SEO expert needs to have:

1. Ability to find high-volume, low-competition keywords

2. a Basic understanding of HTML

3. How and where to add keywords to a webpage

4. Intermediate to advanced copywriting skills

5. Ability to promote and build links to important pages

6. Understanding how the technical SEO impacts rankings

7. Knowledge of emerging SEO trends and Google algorithm changes

Understand the Basics of SEO Services 

These essentials include HTML, how the search engine work, and important Google ranking factors.

How do Search Engines work?

Having experienced practical knowledge of how search engines work is dominant for a piece of knowledge for any SEO professional. When a user enters a query, our machines search the index for matching pages and return the results we believe are the highest quality and most relevant to the user. Search engines send out search engine spiders to find each page on the internet.

Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factors:

Google uses 300+ ranking factors in its algorithm.

And you don’t need to learn them all, specific factors you need to go through. Most of the 300 ranking factors are different ways of measuring three things: Relevancy, Authority, and Quality. Relevancy is how well a page matches someone’s search from many results.

For example, let’s searched for SEO Expert in Bangalore on Google.

Well, Google scans its index pages to find pages that are about SEO Experts in Bangalore. And they’re good at it.

The way you see the results for Krishna SEO Expert in Bangalore is when you search in google for an SEO expert in Bangalore.

Website Authority is the factor that tells how much Google trusts the content on a page. And they measure authority mainly based on links. The more links a page has pointing to more website authority the page has from Google’s perspective.

Quality is based on a few different factors, like your site’s online reputation, your content’s structure,

how users interact with your website in the search results.

Finding and Choosing Keywords

Keyword research should be the first step of any SEO campaign in any search engine. Choose the right keywords. You’ll see your site rocket to the top of Google’s first page for keywords that thousands of people search for every day. So the keywords are that important.

Content Marketing in Bangalore

No SEO training would be complete without a section on content creation and content marketing. That’s because it’s almost impossible to rank without the best quality of the content (even if your site is perfectly optimized for search engines). Optimizing Content Back in the day, you could stuff your content with keywords, and it would rank your page or website at

the top. Ahead today, on-page SEO is much more sophisticated. Sure, you still want to include

keywords on your page, It will give the best result. But that’s just the beginning.

Technical SEO Optimization

Technical Optimization is one of the most underrated parts of SEO. It is very much prominent for just about any website. But technical development is especially important for big websites with thousands of

pages (like eCommerce and news sites).

If you run a small blog or a media brand with 500k pages, these resources will help you master technical SEO.

Link Building

Link building is a big part of SEO. And that is not likely to change anytime in a short period. All SEO expert needs content marketing, and creating good Backlinks (even one that practices technical SEO content) requires good skills in building effective backlinks.

Work On Your Website to do SEO Services.

This is how I started with SEO.

And it’s how I recommend that most people learn how to become SEO experts.

Here’s why: When you run your website, you can make changes fast and more quickly. See something that needs to be changed. Change it and see the results. 

Connect with SEO Expert Krishna Bangalore

The cycle of test-learn-improve moves 10x faster with your property than with someone else’s website. Plus, when you work on your ideas and according to your plans, you see the 100+ factors that go into a successful website.

I’m talking about main activities like design, copywriting, email list building, social media, and outreach. In other words, running your site helps you become a well-rounded T-Shaped Marketer.